……Memories to last a lifetime………
We are the largest animal sanctuary and Eco-camp in Diani area located 1km from Pinewood hotel, opposite Shamba La Salama in Kinondo village Matengo area. (4.379765°S 39.544342°E). We are 450 metres from the Indian Ocean. Borabora Wildlife Park & Luxury Tented Camp is in the same ecosystem as Kaya Sacred forest where Mijikenda go to make ritual ceremonies and prayers either during prolonged drought or if there are cases of rising deaths as a result of drowning in the ocean. The forest is highly protected as it has trees that serve as medicinal plants, and is home to endangered Angolan colobus monkeys, yellow baboons and Sykes monkeys.
The Nature trail in BoraBora gives one a feeling of the value for forest conservation and is one of the main reasons as to why the Park was founded. Kaya forest used to extend all the way to Ukunda airstrip before human encroachment. The Park was established to conserve and protect the local coastal forest and promote conservation education among the local community as well as promote healthy human- wildlife coexistence and eco-tourism in south coast. The park has indigenous trees like baobab and tamarind that provide a cool serene environment.

Major Attractions

1. Luxury Tented Camps

Borabora has the only luxury tented in the South Coast and is a MUST DO while in Diani. This is the only facility that offers you a bush experience on the beach. During your entire stay with us you will be surrounded by wild animals, nature and impeccable service and amenities unlike any you have seen before. Our attentive staff is on hand to make sure your visit is unforgettable and you leave with memories to last a lifetime. We offer affordable rates on bed and breakfast basis with an option to upgrade to half board or full board.

2. Wildlife Viewing

Masai Giraffes. (Giraffa tippelskirchi)

Also known as Kilimanjaro giraffes are the tallest terrestrial living animals and quite a sight. The giraffes in the park were rescued in Naivasha and BoraBora is their new home. They are mainly browsers feeding on the leaves of acacia trees. Visiting BoraBora Wildlife Park gets you close to the giraffes. Major attraction from the Maasai giraffes is the ability for one to feed them by hand with the assistance of our professional tour guides. Masai giraffe is listed as an endangered species thus BoraBora wildlife park is dedicated to protecting them at all costs.

Common Zebra (Equus guagga)

This type of zebra is also referred to as plain zebra. It has big black stripes and are predominantly found on the southern part of the equator. They are primarily grazers and spend most of their time feeding. In BoraBora Wildlife Park you get close to see the zebras as the well-informed guides tell you all about their unique features.

Nile Crocodiles (Crocodylus niloticus)

These are fresh water dwelling crocodiles that are fed on fresh meat within the enclosure. This species of crocodile is responsible for attacks in Tana River and Lake Baringo. Being an endangered species, BoraBora wildlife park is part and parcel of its conservation and ensuring that their population is not extinguished. We invite you to join us every Wednesday at 1500 to experience the rare crocodile feeding.


This is the general name for peacock (male) and peahen (female). They are the national birds of India. The birds are ornamental birds treasured for their intrinsic value.


Visiting BoraBora allows one to learn about the different species of tortoise and the myths surrounding them. The species you will encounter are the Leopard tortoise being the largest species in east Africa, the hinged-back tortoise and the star tortoise.


Visiting BoraBora Wildlife Park get you close to primates such as Angolan Colobus monkeys, Sykes monkeys and vervet monkeys. These are mostly found when you take a walk in the indigenous forest within the facility.

3. Butterfly Pavilion

Within the nature trail is a butterfly pavilion bearing about 10 different species that are free to come and go at will. Students and researchers on insects can have a lot to learn from the butterfly pavilion.

4. Nature trail with indigenous forest cover

On the nature trail is a well-organized path with open woodland trees dominated by different palm tree species some exhibiting parasitic forms that raise interesting questions for botanists who visit the Park. You will have the unique experience to gather knowledge on the values of trees within the Sacred forest ecosystem. The trail has cool scenic value that is cleaned and maintained to higher standards for anyone who would atmosphere as you walk through or relax on the strategically placed benches for your convenience.

5. Birdwatching

This activity has attracted so many ornithologists who would love to study birds. Its conducted-on weekend starting at 0700 for only two hours. BoraBora Wildlife Park is a home to over 40 different species of birds.

6. Campsite

BoraBora Wildlife Park has an Eco-camp within its facility for individuals who would love to experience a night under the open skies surrounded by mother nature under the watchful security of the Masai Morans.

7. Restaurant

Our restaurant is open from 0800 to 2200 every day to cater to all your food and beverage needs. Make sure to try our famous Swahili dishes or our fresh fruit juices to quench your thirst after a walk in the park. There specious tented Luxury camps for accommodation.

8. Team building

9. The facility has a capacity to hold a team building activity of about 50 individuals

10. Catch & Release Fishing Experience

The facility has a man-made dam that is home to the tilapia, mudfish and Koi carps as well as Egyptian geese and different bird species with nests on the islands in the dam. We periodically allow young adults to try their hand at fishing under the supervision of the management.

11. Masai Village

We are the only place in South Coast where you will find real life Masai living and going about their everyday business. Get to learn about the daily routine of a Masai Moran, learn how to make the shangaa bracelet with Mama Yeyo. Jump as you dance to the tribal songs that range from war dirges to love songs. Take a picture in the traditional houses or flanked by the Morans and purchase hand crafted souvenirs designed and made by the women as they hum quietly under the tree shade.