Wild Boars

Wild boars are very rare mammals and visiting BoraBora gives you a guaranteed view of this exotic species that has shown evolutionary traits similar to those of a warthog despite their geographic distance. They are omnivores that are nocturnal and thus they are fed at night.


BoraBora Wildlife Park is refuge home for close three hundred yellow baboons, about 80 Sykes monkeys, 40 Angolan colobus monkeys as well as about 30 vervet monkeys.

Common Zebra (Equus Guagga)

These types of zebras are also referred to as plain zebra. They have big black stripes and are predominantly found on the southern part of the equator. They are primarily grazers and spend most of their time feeding. In BoraBora Wildlife Park you get close to see the zebras as the well-informed guide tell you all about their unique features.


Fresh water chelonians that are often found in rivers and fresh water lakes, often confused for turtles. With our facility, we have set aside a home for these vulnerable creatures.

Bird Species

BoraBora wildlife park has about 50 species of wild birds including; Egyptian geese, pied kingfisher, water thick knee, great egret, weavers birds, woolly necked stocks, silvery checked hornbill, grey headed heron, Egyptian cuckoo, Africa ducks, turkeys and many more and these have attracted ornithologists who come to study birds.


Visiting BoraBora allows one to learn about the different species of tortoise and the myths surrounding them. The species you will encounter are the Leopard tortoise being the largest species in East Africa, the hinge backed tortoise and the Star tortoise.

Guinea Fowls

These are game birds that one has a view of when visiting our facility.


This is the general name for peacock (male) and peahen (female). They are the national birds of India. The birds are ornamental birds treasured for their intrinsic value.